Uplink tree

The uplink tree or “uptree” 1 is a feature available in the `note` template, which visualizes hierarchical relationships between notes as a graph at the top of the page.

These relationships are called by folgezettel links and created with a special variation of emanote link syntax.

Conceptually, a folgezettel link can be thought of as an arrow from a parent note to a descendent note.


## A folgezettel link from another page to this one:

Here is the #[[source-note]]

## A folgezettel link from this page to another one:

Here is the [[target-note]]#

Folder nodes

By default, Emanote also includes any directories in your note’s path as vertices in the uptree graph.

This behavior can be configured. To turn off the implicit folder nodes, set to false the corresponding flag in your configuration as shown here:

  # Whether to automatically treat folder notes as a folgezettel parent of its contents
  folder-folgezettel: false
This feature was inspired by an equivalent feature from Neuron.
Links to this page
  • Neuron-like layout

    The “note” layout includes the Uplink tree of Neuron based on folgezettel links as well as directory layout. Note that all top-level notes are automatically made a folgezettel branch of the root note (index), such that the “home” link appears on top in the uplink tree of all notes.