Org Mode ✍️

Emanote provides first-class support for Markdown. But it also supports secondary formats (albeit not necessarily with the same level of support) beginning with Org Mode. See Pandoc's Org section for information on controlling the parsing.


This is a 🧪 beta 🧪 feature.


Org Mode has no notion of wiki-links, but you can use file: hyperlinks to link to other files such as Markdown files. If you wish to link to a .org file from a Markdown file, however, regular wiki-links ought to work.


Here is a handpicked selection of syntatic features of Org Mode as particularly known to work on Emanote.

Code blocks

See Syntax Highlighting for general information.

fac 0 = 1
fac n = n * fac (n-1)


See Math for general information.

The radius of the sun is Rsun = 6.96 x 108 m. On the other hand, the radius of Alpha Centauri is RAlpha Centauri = 1.28 x Rsun.

\begin{equation}                        % arbitrary environments,
x=\sqrt{b}                              % even tables, figures

If \(a^2=b\) and \( b=2 \), then the solution must be either $$ a=+\sqrt{2} $$ or $$ a=-\sqrt{2} $$


  • While #+TITLE is recognized, other metadata are not recognized (yet). Therefore you must store file-associated metadata in a separate YAML file.
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