Migrating from neuron

Note: Emanote documentation is a work-in-progress

To use Emanote in your existing notebook,

  • Configure it to use Neuron-like layout (this is optional)
  • In all notes, replace neuron’s z:zettels-style tag queries with Obsidian-style queries. See see demo.
    • Note: Query results do not impact graph connections (thus backlinks). If you want to establish connections to multiple notes, do it by explicitly linking to them individually. Emanote chose this option, because it was simpler to implement. Users are encouraged to try to persuade the author otherwise if there is a compelling rationale.
  • If you have a head.html, transfer its contents to index.yaml (see example and explanation)

Capabilities Emanote provides, but neuron does not:

  • Live server with hot reload
  • Faster incremental build
  • More lenient handling of malformed Markdown (eg: broken links)
  • Flexible WikiLinks (link to directories, or based on path, eg: [[Foo/Bar]]) including File WikiLinks.
  • Static files can be placed anywhere (not just in ./static folder)
  • Full path based URLs (unless slug is set)
  • Hierarchical tag index at /-/tags.html.
  • Full theming (customize HTML fully)
  • YAML based configuration at per-route level
  • Layers (merge Zettelkastens, or overlay them)
  • “Timeline backlinks” (Twitter-like registering of thoughts on any note)
Links to this page
  • Extended Markdown ✍️

    You can link to a note by placing the filename (without extension) inside double square brackets. For example, [[neuron]] links to the file neuron.md and it will be rendered as Migrating from neuron. Note that it is using the title of the note automatically; you can specify a custom title as [[neuron|Moving off neuron]] which renders as Moving off neuron or even force use of filename with [[neuron|neuron]] which renders as neuron.