Official method

Emanote is supported on all popular operating systems through Nix.

To test your Emanote install,

# Run live server
cd /path/to/notebook
emanote run

# Generate static files (-L defaults to current directory)
mkdir /tmp/output
emanote -L /path/to/notebook gen /tmp/output

Non-nix methods

If you do not wish to use Nix, you may use Emanote in one of the following ways:

MethodLong-term supportPlatforms
Docker imageGuaranteedLinux, WSL, macOS

Nix and Docker image are the only mechanisms the author intends to support in the long-term. Emanote is also available in nixpkgs.

You may also “try before installing” by running nix run github:srid/emanote. This still downloads emanote to your nix store, /nix, but will not install it to the user profile like nix profile install does.