Official method

Avoiding installation

Emanote need not have to be installed if you are using the emanote-template flake to manage your content.

Emanote is supported on all popular operating systems through Nix. If you are new to Nix, checkout this tutorial.

Try before installing

You may also “try before installing” by running nix run github:srid/emanote. This still downloads emanote to your nix store (in /nix/store), but will not install it to the user profile like nix profile install does.

To test your Emanote install,

# Run live server
cd /path/to/notebook
emanote run

# Generate static files (-L defaults to current directory)
mkdir /tmp/output
emanote -L /path/to/notebook gen /tmp/output

Non-nix methods

If you do not wish to use Nix, you may use Emanote in one of the following ways:

MethodLong-term supportPlatforms
Docker imageGuaranteedLinux, WSL, macOS

Nix and Docker image are the only mechanisms the author intends to support in the long-term.