Docker image

Note: Emanote documentation is a work-in-progress

The official Docker image, which is built in CI, can be used as follows:

cd /path/to/notebook
mkdir output.docker
docker run \
  -e LANG=C.UTF-8 -e LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 \
  --tmpfs /tmp \
  -v $PWD:/data \
  sridca/emanote emanote -L "/data" gen /data/output.docker
open ./output.docker/index.html
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  • Installing

    Emanote is not on Hackage yet, as 1.0 is yet to be released. Once on Hackage, Emanote can be packaged up in various ways like Pandoc (another Haskell software on Hackage) is. It will become the distributor’s responsibility to create and maintain this long-term. Nix and Docker image are the only mechanisms the author intends to support in the long-term.