Folgezettel links

Wikilinks can be of special type called a “folgezettel”. They are created with a special variation of emanote link syntax.

Conceptually, a folgezettel link can be thought of as an arrow from a parent note to a descendent note.


## A folgezettel link from another page to this one:

Here is the #[[source-note]]

## A folgezettel link from this page to another one:

Here is the [[target-note]]#

Folder notes

By default, Emanote includes any directories in your note’s path as vertices in the folgezettel graph. This makes the folder note a folgezettel parent of the child note. The contents of a folder, likewise, become folgezetten children of the folder note. For eg., in foo/bar/, “foo” is a folgezettel parent of “bar”, and “bar” is a folgezettel parent of “qux”.


The top-level root folder is not considered a folgezettel by default, unless you specify it (as shown below). This is to support the use-case of the user having a flat list of notes without subdirectories, but connected through Folgezettel links.

This behavior can be configured. To turn it off on a per-folder basis, set the corresponding flag in your configuration to false as shown here:

  # Whether to automatically treat the contents of this 
  # folder note as its folgezettel children
  folder-folgezettel: false

Put this configuration in if you want to disable folder folgezettel for just that folder note foo/. Put it in foo.yaml if you want to disable it for foo/ and all subfolders under it recursively. Put it in top-level index.yaml to disable it for all folders. See YAML configuration for more details.

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