Neuron-like layout

Emanote’s builtin HTML template layout can be configured to toggle UX features on or off. The default configuration includes Sidebar, Table of contents and Breadcrumbs but hides the Uplink tree. To mimic the layout used by Neuron, turn off sidebar and breadcrumbs while enabling the uptree. Add this to your YAML configuration:

    enable: true
    enable: false
    enable: false
    enable: false
    containerClass: container mx-auto max-w-prose

This includes the Uplink tree of Neuron based on folgezettel links as well as directory layout. Note that all top-level notes are automatically made a folgezettel branch of the root note (index), such that the “home” link appears on top in the uplink tree of all notes.


As a demo, the very page you are viewing is rendered using this template configuration (whilst leaving the rest of the site to use the default configuration)

In lieu of sidebar

In the absence of Sidebar, you may use the folgezettel children query to show the children of the current note. Example below:

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