Full-text search

Emanote provides client-side full-text search using Stork 1 . Search should work in both live server and the statically generated site.

You can trigger search input in one of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl+K (or ⌘K on macOS).
  • Click the lens icon on the sidebar
    • If the sidebar is disabled (eg.: you are on Neuron-like layout), the search lens icon will be on the top-right corner.

Including frontmatter in the search index

By default, Stork doesn’t include the text in the frontmatter as searchable.

This can be changed by adding the following to `index.yaml`:

    frontmatter-handling: ignore

The possible values are ignore, omit and parse. Default omit. See the Stork docs.

This allows you to search by your frontmatter metadata (eg: tags) instead of just markdown body. Note that you may also get undesired results when searching words including non-relevant parts of the YAML frontmatter, like order or date; this is why the default is omit.

Known issues

  • In live server mode, you may find that the browser will fetch remote assets (the wasm file) from files.stork-search.net. See details here.
The Stork index file can be accessed at -/stork.st.