Open Graph Protocol (OGP)

The Open Graph protocol specifies what goes in <meta> attributes of the HTML which in turn generates “preview cards” for social sites and apps like, Facebook, Slack, etc.

Emanote generates OGP meta tags for each note, using the following rules:

Meta tagHow the value is determinec
og:titleThe title of the note
og:descriptionThe first paragraph of the note 1
og:site_nameThe site name from page.siteTitle
og:imageThe first image 2 in the note, if any; otherwise, use the image YAML metadata


Twitter Card style can be set using page.twitter.card YAML metadata. It it set to summary_large_image by default.

Wikilinks like [[foo]] render as is (due to a limitation). However, [[foo|some text]] will render as some text (the link text). If you do not wish to have wikilink syntax appearing in page description, specify a custom like in the second example.
Unfortunately, embed wikilinks (eg.: ![[foo.jpeg]]) are not recognized here. You should use regular links, eg.: ![](foo.jpeg).
Links to this page
  • YAML configuration
    page.image: The image to use for the page. This is used for the Open Graph Protocol (OGP) meta tag og:image meta tag. If not specified, the first image in the page is used. Relative URLs are automatically rewritten to absolute URLs if page.siteUrl is non-empty.